Samsung JS9000 Curved 4K SUHD TV Review

Samsung JS9000 Curved 4K SUHD TV Review

Samsung JS9100

When I first saw Samsung JS9000 Curved SUHD TV I was wondered by the quality and design of this amazing TV.
When I picked up the manual and specification papers I was shocked, So I decided to write a review about this amazing product.

Through this review I will go for the features of this product and then anyone else who bought this TV is welcomed to write their own opinions about Samsung JS9100 series Curved SUHD TV.

As this is an open review site, I will create a poll at the end of the review in order to have your personal ideas attached to this review.

Voting will also affect overall rating of this product, there are two kinds of rating Star Rating and Poll Rating, so please keep that in mind.

OK, lets have a look at the features of Samsung JS9000:

Samsung JS9000 SUHD TV (4)



You can experience stunning colors, deep contrast, amazing brightness, and real 4K resolution that changes your TV viewing experience.



Nano Crystal Color:Samsung JS9000 SUHD TV (7)

With nano crystal color everything becomes brighter with more true life picture, and through this technology a wider range of colors are visible.





Samsung JS9000 SUHD TV (6)

Curved Panel:

Through curved panel you will get the best viewing angle I mean any seat in the house becomes the best set in the house.






Pro illuminatorSamsung JS9000 SUHD TV (2):

Watch colors pop and enjoy greater detail in all your favorite movies, TV shows and games with increased LED illumination behind the brightest areas of the picture.




Samsung JS9000 SUHD TV (5)240 Motion Rate:

With motion Rate 240 you will enjoy exceptional refresh rate and processing speed.






Octa-Core Processor:Samsung JS9000 SUHD TV (1)

Samsung Js9000 series got an Octa Core processor so it makes this TV a Lightning speed TV with the best grade processing chip.





Screen Sizes: 65″, 55″, 48″



Dimming Technology: UHD Dimming


Apps Platform: S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser


Samsung JS9000 Curved SUHD TV

Samsung JS9000 Curved SUHD TV

Color Quality




3D Quality



  • Amazing Design
  • True Color Quality
  • Auto Depth Enhancer
  • Improved black levels


  • High Price
  • No Direct DVB

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