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AmeriCommerce is an eCommerce platform made by Stefan Barlow, Edsturrock, and charlie cooper in 2005. It is a great looking online store builder, It is only powering 5000+ online stores, yet more than $4 billion products are sold using this online store platform.
They got some popular customers like World Series of Poker and USA Hockey.
AmeriCommerce got some great features and I am going to review them all in this article.

Store Builder Design

Compared to when they first started their business the design of this eCommerce platform got some great upgrades and changes. The User Interface of this online store builder is almost completely changed to make it look more user-friendly.
It has a user-friendly environment which will make you feel comfortable when designing your online store. It doesn’t require you to have coding or any other special knowledge for creating an online store using AmeriCommerce.
You can manage from one to several online stores from within one dashboard provided by them.

Cross-Platform Selling

If you are interested in selling on multiple platforms and you want to share products from within your website to other product comparison sites then AmeriCommerce is a great Platform for you.
It will let you share your product on many platforms and online store comparison websites with only a few clicks of the mouse. thus helps you save time doing important tasks rather than sharing your products on all platforms manually.


The Pricing of AmeriCommerce starts from $24.95 for Entry Level to $299 for the Platinium Plan.
they also have three other plans: Bronze for $39 per month, Silver for $99 per month and Gold for only $149 per month.
With their Steel or Entry level you can add up to 100 products, Bronze comes up with 500 products, silver for 5,000 products, Gold for 10,000 products, and Platinum for unlimited products.

Orders & Shipping

The orders and shipping are automatically handled in AmeriCommerce, you just have to set them up on your dashboard before going live.
This eCommerce platform has more than 50 payment gateways already integrated. So if you haven’t set your online payments gateway up yet. You can contact their merchant services to set them up for you. In AmeriCommerce you can also setup phone orders. to learn more about Orders and Shipping I suggest having a look at their features tab on


By Workflow Rule Engine, you can automate most of your manual tasks, this dynamic rule generator creates specific conditions and actions for discounts, pricing, shipping, emailing, visitor traffic and much more.
You can also automate your email delivery for abandoned carts, it means you offer coupons and discounts for people who are not willing to buy from your website and trying to leave.

Marketing and SEO:

They got a customer rewards program located on your account and you can set it up to get repeated customers by giving them rewards and discounts.
They also covered all the SEO aspects needed for your online stores like page titles, meta descriptions, and all other HTML tags needed for optimization of your store.


In your dashboard, you can find Sales Reports and all other staff related to how your customers landed in your online store, what specifically they were looking for and what they searched for.
The reports are on day to day, month to month, and anything in between them you can customize your reports according to your needs and you can see the reports of each term you specify on your dashboard.

Access to Design and Codes

Unlike all other self-hosted online store builders, AmeriCommerce comes up with HTML&CSS editor.
With this feature, you have access to your stores’ backend codes, and you can edit them according to your needs at any time.
with this feature, it means that you have complete access and complete control of your online store.
They also offer you with a group of professionally designed Free Themes and templates for your web-store. You can choose one of them and go online. You can also have access to life theme editor, where you can edit your theme and make it the way you want it.
AmeriCommerce has a mobile ready design and changes its look to fit any device that connects to your online store. thus you can generate a good income by mobile sales.

AmeriCommerce Review


Their server technology is one of the best technologies available. They have 99.99% uptime, all MYSQL and Web services are secured.
They have DDOS ( Denial-of-service attack ) protection and it means you are safe from hackers who are trying to make your website down.
They have PCI compliance and free shared SSL. With the features mentioned above, it means it is a great online store builder according to security issues.

Final Verdict

As mentioned above and as you see the features of this online store builder, you may notice that this platform serves fewer users than other popular online store platforms does.
So it means you will have more server resources and you can get great customer support.
With other online store builders you should wait for days to get your support tickets solved, but using AmeriCommerce it is really fast.
It has great features but if you are looking for a better online store builder I suggest you have a look at Pinnacle Cart or 3Dcart.
You can try their free trial free of charge or you can read their reviews before deciding on them.
I request you to write your experiences about Ameri Commerce, rate them and let others know about what they offer and how they operate using the comments section.





Easy To Manage







  • Multi-store functionality
  • Scalability
  • Social Engagement Features
  • Code Editor
  • Theme Modifier


  • Limited Number of Templates
  • Few International Payment Options

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