how to create an online store from scratch

How to Create An Online Store From Scratch

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    We heard lots of questions on social media about how “how to create an online store from scratch” so we decided to created this step by step easy to understand guide on how to create an online store so that even without any previous knowledge you will be able to start your own personal online store without any kind of coding or special knowledge.

    You may probably know that we have several options to create an online store so we are going to share details of each options in its own part.

    To create an online store there are plenty of options available:

    · Self Hosted Online Store Builders

    · Install-able eCommerce store builder scripts

    · eCommerce WordPress Plugins

    In this guide we go through Self Hosted Online store builders which are easy to install and configure as well as free install-able eCommerce scripts, we don’t cover eCommerce WordPress plugins because it is a very long story and needs another separate article which will be added soon in other guide.


     Self Hosted Online Store Builders

    There are plenty of online store builders available on the internet all you do is signing up for a paid or free trial account and then it will create an online store for you as well as a management panel which is highly secured and only you can access them by logging in with your private credentials.

    they will provide you with a management url where you can easily add products and name a price for them, the second thing you need to setup is your payment gateway it is also easy to setup and they have already added those options into your admin panel so all you do is adding products, setting up prices and delivery  details (obviously not for downloadable goods).

    In this article we are covering some well known and high quality online store builders, you can even try them without paying a penny to find out what matches your demands using special try links available only here.



    Pinnacle cart will build your online shop from scratch



     Pinnacle Cart is developed by a group of Internet marketers with over 20 years combined experience in the Internet industry.

    They brought their expertise in marketing and business development together to provide the online business owner an entry to Internet sales that gives them the chance to capture the online market without becoming experts in the field of web development, online marketing and web delivery.

    This amazing online store builder software specializes in E-marketing solutions to enable businesses to reach into the global audience in order to effectively and efficiently reach new customers.

    This eCommerce app is really easy to understand and has an easy to setup interface, a GUI friendly environment which will make you feel comfortable while setting up your online store.

    It has a free DEMO which will enable you to create a test online store and then decide if you want to stay or not.

    You can go live after 14 days of it’s trial period if you wish to stay with them, otherwise you will risk nothing because they don’t charge for their demo accounts.

    Pinnacle Cart is rated #1 eCommerce online store builder according to zippy cart

    Video Overview

      Go to Demo


    Shopify an easy to use online store builder from scratch



    Shopify is also one of the best eCommerce solutions it will allows you to set up your online store in minutes after signing up.

    It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders,  all with a few clicks of the mouse or even few touches of your tablet.

    with shopify you don’t need to be scared of anything because the store builder is really easy to use and has an easy to understand interface.


    For more details please read Shopify Review.


    Video Overview

    Try Shopify For Free




    3dcart is an online shop builder that offers web design, marketing and hosting services. 3dCart was founded in 1997 and it’s Headquarters are located at  Florida, USA .

    It is an easy to use store builder with thousands of features, you can create an stunning online store with Pre-Made designs easily.

    This Amazing Store builder accepts over 100 payment gateways so you don’t need to be worried about your payment gateways.

    3D cart also let you design and create your own online store easily and it also enables you to try your store for 14 days, then they will ask you if you liked their service or not, if you say yes they will ask you to chose a plan and get your domain name to go online for real customers.

    Video Overview

    Try 3D cart for 14 days


    How To create an online store using Install-able eCommerce Scripts

    Using Install-able scripts it is really easy to create an online store, all you do is getting an hosting and a domain name, then you will download the install-able packages for free and upload it back to your hosting account, the installation is really easy out there and can be installed as you install softwares on your tablets or your personal computers.

    So you need a hosting and a domain name to get started with this section and as we know most of the hosting providers will give you a free domain with your hosting purchases, there are several hosting providers available and if you need a free setup please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact section.

    Here are some of well known Install-able scripts:


    How to Open an Online Store Step by Step:


    Choose Your Niche

    Research some keywords on Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see if the products that you want to sell have searches and demand or not.
    Keyword Tool will show you how many people are searching the chosen phrases.

    Top eCommerce Niches.PDF


    Choose from one of the above Online Store Builders

    There are hundreds of online store builders but most of them are worthless, because it some of them are hard to setup or the fees are expensive so I suggest the top three eStore builders from the list above.


    Get a free trial before paying for any online store builder

    All of the above online store builders comes up with a free trail which will make you setup an online store easily without any payments, then if you chose to stay with any of them it only requires you to setup your payment method and then pay the fees and go online with a real domain name for your online shop.

    When people ask how to create an online store I suggest them to go practical and create their own online stores without paying, by getting a free trial of the above online store builders.


    Setup your payment gateway

    There are hundreds of online payment systems, you can use 2Checkout, Paypal or skrill but researches show that you can setup an online store with PayPal without any advanced knowledge and it is one of the most used methods.

    All of the above Store Builders comes up with easy setup of your Payment methods so you can only authorize them to use your PayPal, Skrill, or any other payment methods.


    If you don’t have any products Try Whole Sale or DropShip Providers

    If you don’t have products or a warehouse don’t worry, because there are lots of dropship providers, they can take care of your orders, all you do is giving them the address of your customer and they will send them the product ordered on your site

    For example if a customer orders a projector from your online store you can give the delivery address to the DropShip provider, and they will send the projector to your customer without any delays.

    All you do is getting benefits for doing nothing for example the DropShip provider gives you a projector for 300 USD and you sell it for 400 USD that is one of the easiest methods for earning profits online.

    I suggest SaleHoo because they have trust worthy suppliers.


    Choose an engaging theme from Pinnacle Cart, Shopify, or 3D cart

    Another important thing is choosing a good looking and professional template for your online store and all of the above online store builders comes up with professional themes and templates.

    If you still don’t know which theme to choose contact us with the title (how to create an online store) and our eCommerce experts will help you setup the whole process professionally.


    Get Webhosting and a Domain for your BLOG

    If you want to sell online it is better if you setup your own personal blog and it will help you get more customers by writing blog posts about your products and teaching your audience on how to do certain things.

    So for setting up a blog you need a web hosting and a domain name, nowadays you can get one for as little as $1.99 per month.

    I suggest iPage as it is easy to use and easy to setup.


    Create some advertising Campaigns

    selling online is fun, but finding the right customer isn’t that easy, if you are new and don’t have a brand or well-known products so you will need to start some campaigns on Google and see which campaign profits the most.

    You can start campaigns after finishing all your setups and when your store is live. You can go to to get started with advertising on Google.


    Create Your Store without paying for online store builders

    If you want to create an online store for free then you should get a cheap hosting account which costs you almost $1.99/month and then chose a free online store builder scripts like TOMATO Cart and ZEN Cart and then install them easily with just few clicks from your hosting dashboard, most of Hosting providers have easy script installation wizard.

    The wizard will ask you some simple questions about your store name and payment method and then it will automatically setup your online store.
    I suggest iPage as it is a cheap option with lots of features and free online store builder scripts.

    Create an online store using ipage



    Share your Ideas on comments. dont forget to share this post and now that you know how to create an online store then Have Fun Creating Your first Online Store right now.

    If you still dont know how to create an online store then contact our team of eCommerce specialists using the sites contact form in the first line write “how to create an online store“, then describe which kind of store you want to start and they will send you free information right into your inbox.

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