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Hello and welcome to, we are glad that you are interested in our website, by writing review articles on our website, you will get a chance to win amazing cash prizes as well as having your own Affiliate link or Direct product links in order to have more exposure and traffic, but with no follow attribute so give it up here if you want to write for SEO.


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  5. Don’t write malicious or untrue things in a review. There have been cases in which businesses have sued reviewers over comments made in reviews, citing defamation. If your review is fair and truthful, then you shouldn’t have to worry about defamation claims against you.
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Some Basic Rules:

    Not for SEO:

This website is not for SEO purposes, thus we don’t allow followed links. We only allow affiliate or direct product links with no follow attribute.

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If you have written a fake review to promote a product and others disagreed with your review by suggesting lots of edits we will delete your link and your review will be edited.

    No Duplicate Posts:

Your review will be checked by plagiarism checkers and they will only get published if no duplicates found on the web, so avoid copying reviews from other websites or you will be banned forever.
P.S. you can paraphrase any reviews available on the web, but it must be easily readable by average English readers. (you should have original authors permission before copying their work)

    Amazing Cash Prizes:

When we found that a review is converting and it is very engaging we will give the review author a cash prize between $50-$1000 USD. We may increase the amount of prize to more than $1000 USD according to our board decisions.
P.S. we will notify winner’s through email address provided on the sign-up process, so please check your email at the end of each month.

    Have Your Affiliate Link:

You are free to have your own affiliate link or direct product link, but only one link is allowed in each review. We may add our own affiliate link or a followed direct product link in your review, but your link stays untouched.