Writing Guide

This guide will let you know how to write a complete review to be accepted easily with no delays and edits.

  1. After Sign Up you will be redirected to a page with text editor and option menus.
  2. Click on important info menu to open this page once again.
  3. Add your Review Title on the top of the screen.
  4. On the right side, click on Exclude From SR.
  5. Write your review in the text box. Avoid using Advanced HTML, Java Script or any other codes.
  6. Write Your Review with patience and check it with grammar checker tools like: Ginger.
  7. Your review must be at least 500 Words we may accept well written reviews with less than 500 words for small products, but all other reviews must have at least 500 Words.
  8. You don’t have permission to upload photos but you can upload your photos on PostImage.org/ and then write your image address in the post.
  9. If you have videos, then upload it on YouTube and paste the link on the post.
  10. On the SEO section add up to four Focus Keywords, SEO Title, and an engaging description.
  11. Leave Plagiarism Checker to our moderators.
  12. On Product Review Settings click Yes.
  13. Add product name, insert product image link, your affiliate link or direct product link, and product price if available or range of prices.
  14. On Product Options add up to five qualities of the product, these qualities will be available for public votes and each vote affects 10% of overall rating, here is an example of 5 qualities:
    • Customer Support: 0 to 100
    • Reliability: 0 to 100
    • Ease of Access: 0 to 100
    • Services: 0 to 100
  15. Add Pro’s and Con’s of the product and click on submit for review at the right sidebar.
  16. Don’t forget to write your rating of the product, you can do it by adding this code [Star rating = 4.6] at the end of your review text.

After submission our moderators will review your product and will send you an email that confirms if it is published or not, they will also contact you based on how to promote your review in order to win cash prizes as well as getting more flow and sales.

P.S. Don’t forget to add your personal information on Profile Page, it will be automatically added to your post’s author section.