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Mister.Net Review:

While I was searching for an affordable web hosting, I searched for Free Web Hosting Packages, With some research I came up with MISTER.NET, So in This Mister.net Review, I am sharing some facts about this Free Web Hosting Package.


Mister.net has been offering free web hosting to customers across the globe for over a decade in over 30 different countries. They gained quite some reputation, Their service covers Free Web Hosting Package while you only pay the domain name costs.


Data Center and Server INFO:

They Operate on a secure class (A) DATA Center Here are some details about their DATA centers.

  • Nationally Ranked Tier One Network
  • OC48 – SONET POS Backbone
  • Cisco DPT Technology
  • Trans-Oceanic Deployment (Deployment across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans)
  • 120+ Network Peers
  • Card Key Security
  • Laser and motion-based detection system
  • 24/7 Security Guard
  • 18″ thick concrete walls (Former Bank of America Building)


Disk Space / Band weight / Domain Price:Mister.net review Free Web Hosting Package

They will give you 250 MegaBytes of Disk Space which is good for a startup website, they will also give you 5 GigaBytes of Band weight which is good for a small to medium sized websites, they will charge you only 35 Dollars for your Domain Name (www.YourSite.com), as we all know nowadays having a domain name is really necessary from getting reputation to getting on the top of search engines it is a must-have priority.





Here are some of the well-known features of this Web Hosting Provider:

  • Domain Name With Domain Management
  • Unlimited Email Accounts: [email protected]
  • Email Forwarder, Catch-All, Vacation Responder, and Web-Based email client
  • Server Reports
  • FTP Access
  • File Manager for uploading and downloading files
  • Free Website Submission to search engines
  • Free gifts worth almost 500$
  • Server Side Includes (SSI), FrontPage Extensions, PHP, and CGI BIN support.


Premium Web Hosting:

They also have a premium web hosting so if you want to know more about them visit their Web Site .

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Customer Support


Easy To Manage





  • Free Package
  • Lots of Features
  • Support Team
  • Easy To manage


  • Domain Price
  • Disk Space


  • Lisa Roy

    Customer Support


    Easy To Manage




    Could you please suggest me with some good webhostings that I can get with the price they charge for domain which is $35 USD? I think we can get a premium hosting account with the price they charge just for a domain!

    • Thank you Lisa, and yes they say that they have free hosting but they charge $35 USD only for domain registration, You can get a Premium Unlimited Hosting with iPage.com for just $35 and with a free premium domain for a year, as far as I know iPage is the best among hosting providers.

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